Triggertrap v1

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Due to overwhelming demand, the Triggertrap v1 is now out of stock.

But don't worry, the future of Triggertrap hardware is here!

Discover Triggertrap Ada

Everyone loves getting their hands on some serious hardware, right? Even saying the word is fun. HARDWARE!

Well if you love photography and hardcore gadgetry as much as we do, Triggertrap v1 might be just the thing for you. An Arduino-based camera triggering device that began life as a blockbusting Kickstarter project, Triggertrap v1 is perfect for creative, experimental photography whether you’re in the studio or outdoors, hunting down that elusive wildlife shot.

Lavishly equipped with light, sound and laser triggers, as well as a kick-ass timelapse mode, Triggertrap v1 should be in the kit-bag of every photographer who likes to think outside the box. And when we say “outside the box”, we really mean “only the truly camera-geeky need apply”!

And for those who like to think EVEN FURTHER outside the box, Triggertrap v1 is super easy to hack - it has a fully-functional Arduino-compatible system built in, so just grab the source code from GitHub to start hacking!


What's in the box?

Please Note

  • Powered by 3x AA batteries (not included)
  • To connect to your computer, you'll need an USB Micro B cable (not included)
  • Does not include camera connection cable. Find which one you need here.