Triggertrap Phonetrap

Unfortunately, we don't currently have Triggertrap Phonetrap available in the warehouse. If you would like, we can send you an e-mail you when Triggertrap Phonetrap (TT-TRAP) is ready to order again.

We get a lot of feedback from our users here at Triggertrap, and by far and away the number one question we get is, "what do I do with my phone while I'm using Triggertrap Mobile?!". We've seen some precarious balancing acts, creative and complicated rigs, and a whole load of gaffer tape. We know your phone is an expensive and precious device, so leaving it dangling in the breeze isn't exactly an option.

Luckily, Triggertrap Phonetrap is here to save the day! The spring-loaded holder grips your iPhone or Android smartphone firmly, while the base of Phonetrap slots neatly into the hotshoe on your camera and screws down for extra security. Don't want it on the camera? Simply remove the base and attach it to any standard tripod instead!

Whether you're shooting a timelapse outdoors in treacherous conditions, light-painting in the studio or running a public photo booth, Triggertrap Phonetrap is the simple, affordable way to keep your phone secure and let you carry on using Triggertrap Mobile wherever you are. 


The Triggertrap Phonetrap will hold phones up to 8.5cm (3.5 inches) wide.

Please note: this accessory is only compatible with cameras with a standard hotshoe.   Some Sony/Minolta cameras are unsupported without the appropriate adapter.

Triggertrap Mobile kits sold separately here

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