Triggertrap Mobile is like your camera remote cable - except bloody awesome. If you're a photographer with taste and finesse, whenever you're not pressing the shutter button yourself, you're using a Triggertrap product. The quickest way to get one into your camera bag is to buy from us direct - get involved below!


How to capture those once in a lifetime moments

June 27, 2014

When a lot of the really big life moments are happening, we’re often too busy living them to find a way to document them for later. Who wants to be fumbling with a camera when you’re trying to say something important? But maybe there is an option that lets you capture the precious moments without having to worry about manning your camera at the same time…

From photography to timelapse videography with Alexander Chin

June 27, 2014

One of our favourite timelapse-o-graphers has been having so much fun with his Triggertrap kit that he has decided to share his carefully developed and super useful techniques with you.


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